Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do You Want to Buy Bonds 715th Home Run Ball?

With all the hoopla surrounding the home run record, apparently the owners of his 715th home run ball believe that now is the best time to sell. On eBay, right now, you can bid on the ball that surpassed the great Babe Ruth. Sports Collectors Daily reports that the minimum reserve amount is $375,000.00. Considering it sold last year for $222,000.00, that's not a bad profit. Of course, I have my doubts it will sell at all.
Symbolic Collection Vice President Rovert Rios doesn't believe the lingering resentment toward Bonds will matter.

"With no indictments, no suspensions, and seemingly no movement by Major League Baseball against Barry Bonds, I believe this ball is one of the penultimate sports collectibles available today for market appreciation," Rios said in a news release.

"Last year, there was a swirl of allegations that had kept many bidders from jumping into the competition for the ball. I believe when the dust settles, Bonds will rightfully be judged as the greatest home run hitter of all time.
Has the dust settled yet? I'm figure he will receive the Alex Popov treatment.

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