Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!"

Kent hit a ball Jackie Gleason would be proud of. "Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!"

Jeff Kent hit a game tying homer in the 7th inning to left center field that tied the score at 1 to 1. It was quite a dinger. Carlos Lee in left field didn't even turn to look. The ball went high in the air and slammed into a steel beam near the glass back wall. It then bounced back towards the outfielder Lee. It was only then that he turned to pick up the ball. The entire Houston crowd was in a collective gasp. "Whoe!?!" Like I said, it was quite a dinger.

Unfortunately, Kent's home run was not the only on hit this evening. Eric Munson lead off the scoring for the Astros with a home run in the third inning. Then, in Houston's part of the 7th inning, Carlos Lee hit his own rocket shot to left field to reclaim the lead for the Astros.

That was all the scoring done this evening. The Astros squeaked through with a 2 to 1 win.

Of note, Lowe left the game in the middle of the 5th inning.
It was unclear why he was removed, but he was visibly upset as he stalked off the field and he threw his glove the length of the dugout after he got there.
DJ Houlton pitched well in his 2 innings, but ultimately took the loss as he gave up the tee shot to Carlos Lee. Beimel and Roberto pitched well in their inning of work.

Oh well. You can't win them all. At least I can look fondly back at Jeff Kent's home run. "Whoe!?!"

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