Wednesday, August 29, 2007

eBay: 1886 "Official Baseball Record" Hardbound Volume

A very rare 19th Century hardbound book detailing Baseball history was recently sold on eBay. Check out the auction here. Within the binding of this book consist of 149 issues of the "Official Baseball Record" (April 19th, 1886 through October 9th, 1886) which was the 1st daily sports newspaper devoted exclusively to the increasingly popular game of Baseball. For $1.00 a year you could get a daily report detailing the actions of King Kelly, Cap Anson, the Wright Brothers, Billy Sunday and others.

The rarity of this volume is as a result of the type of printing within the book. The paper is highly acidic and extremely cheap / poor quality newspaper stock. As a result, very few examples exist today. This particular historic piece sold for an incredible $3,195.99.
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  1. We, at Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers, purchased the volume thru eBay. Should collectors have any interest in individual issues they will be offered for sale. Inquiries are invited. Each issue features an illustration & short biography of a leading player or manager of the day, in addition to a wealth of fascinating reporting & comments on the games of the day.


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