Thursday, August 23, 2007

Overworking Russell and Not Playing Ethier

Will Carroll of Under The Knife points to something we were all thinking.
The Dodgers are trying to find rest for Russel Martin, but they're doing a bad job of it. An interesting thought--is there a "catch count" or some kind of innings limit on catchers?
Does Russell need some rest time? Are the Dodgers neglecting their future star by not forcing him to sit on the bench from time to time? Can we afford to bench him considering the playoff race we are currently in?

On top of that, I see that in today's game the Dodger have chosen to sit one of their hottest hitters today, Andre Ethier. Why is he not playing regularly? Has he not earned a starting outfield job?

Sit Gonzo and play Ethier. It is time to move towards the future.

I love how the team is shaping up. Kemp and Ethier in the outfield corners. James Loney at first base. Russell Martin is our catcher. Billingsley is now one of our top starters. Broxton is a potential closer. It is like watching an artist turn a sketch into a painting.

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