Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Football Being Reconsidered at Chavez Ravine

The O'Malley ownership came to, what seemed to be, an abrupt end as the Dodgers were sold to Fox ten years ago. As we all discovered, the sale was prompted by the O'Malley's inability to secure a NFL franchise for Chavez Ravine. The Los Angeles City Council continued to push the Coliseum as the favored facility back then. Unfortunately, as the years have dragged on, it has become obvious that USC's home field is not economically viable.

Now, a decade after O'Malley's plan was shot down it appears to be regaining some life. The LA Times has a piece this morning suggesting that the McCourt's are now leading the charge.
McCourt and unnamed partners intend to make another run at the NFL after making major changes to Dodger Stadium and the surrounding areas. The plan, which involves as much as half a billion dollars in investments, calls for upgrading the venue and augmenting it with a nearby mixed-use development that includes retail shops, housing and the like.

McCourt has explored options for developing the Dodger Stadium parking lot since he bought the team, and the 2005 NFL discussions involved a retail and entertainment complex next to the ballpark and an NFL stadium.

Hopefully he succeeds in bringing the NFL back to LA. There is definitely room for stadium near Dodger Stadium. Of course, he'll have to do it without taxpayer money. No way should we be forced to pay for a private business venture like an NFL team or stadium. After all, we've survived a long time without a team and we can surely survive many more years without the NFL.

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