Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Walter O'Malley Tortilla

In honor of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the Jeff Kent on burnt toast highlighted in a recent Dodger commercial I bring to you the Walter O'Malley Tortilla.
Purchased from Ernesto Villafon in 1988 by Los Angeles artist and photographer Tom Meyer, who subsequently donated it to the Baseball Reliquary, the provenance of the tortilla is sketchy. According to Meyer, the tortilla was discovered by Mrs. Regina Flores, a resident of Chavez Ravine, who presented the object to her nephew, young Ernesto, shortly before her death in 1981. Villafon told Meyer that it was the sight of the Dodger patriarch’s jowly visage on the tortilla that convinced Mrs. Flores and family to abandon their Chavez Ravine home peacefully in 1959 prior to the construction of Dodger Stadium. After resettling in Highland Park, Mrs. Flores became a zealous Dodger fan, much to the amazement of her family and friends, who, claims Villafon, had never heard her express any interest in baseball.
All joking aside, what I found really interesting is that some guys umbilical cord rest underneath thirdbase.
(Lou Santillan was) born in a home where third base now resides at Dodger Stadium and, in a Mexican tradition, his umbilical cord was buried there, long before the Brooklyn Dodgers moved west.

Baseball Reliquary:
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