Monday, May 18, 2009

Card of the Week:

Most fans and collectors only look at the front of the cards, then put them in plastic boxes or sleeves only to never be seen again. Not I. I like to inspect cards. I look at the photography and wonder what's going on in the play or what was the guy thinking when he made that face. I flip the card over and review the stats. I go through the description. I used to love the little cartoons once found on nearly every Topps card made. Now, it is a rarity if a card includes such artwork. I do love that many cards now feature photos on the reverse. Which brings up this weeks "Card of the Week."

Above is a 1993 Upper Deck card of former Angel shortstop Gary DiSarcina that has a funny photo with 2 other teammates on the reverse. They are wearing t-shirts with the words "Frick... Frack... And Hack..." Unfortunately, I can't figure out who the other 2 players are, so if you know please pass that along.

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