Sunday, May 31, 2009

eBay: A Couple of Promotional Photos

Here are a couple of interesting items I ran across on eBay that rarely come around. Fortunately, they are not highly sought after and can be purchased for a good deal. Below are a couple of promotional photos for 2 Dodger players. These photos originally came out in the 50's and ended in the 70's. They typically measure 8" X 10" and were made for players who had contracted with a particular sports equipment company to endorse their product. Usually they were displayed on walls at department stores and sometimes given to customers.

Here, Willie Davis is featured on a Wilson Sporting Goods photo. The great thing about this pic is that he is standing on the field at Wrigley in Chicago before there were noticeable bleachers on the buildings.

Below, Tommy Davis poses for Rawlings Sporting Goods Company. Notice that he is sporting a Rawlings glove in his left hand.

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