Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Charlie "Greek" George

When you read about older ballplayers talking about the best they've ever seen I always expect to hear names like Ruth, Gehrig, Paige, Robinson, etc. In this vintage letter written by former Brooklyn Dodger Charlie "Greek" George he sings a different tune.

Greek George, as he was commonly known, only had a short stint in the pro's. George played in a total of 118 games in a career that saw him bounce around starting in 1935 from Cleveland, to Brooklyn in 1938, the Chicago Cubs and then the Philadelphia A's in 1945. Unfortunately, he was suspended during his year with the A's after punching an umpire. He would never return again to the big leagues after that.

In the letter below Roy ask the one-time Major Leaguer who was the greatest ballplayer he ever knew or saw. Unexpectedly, he answers with the name of Charlie Jamieson. Who's he, you say? Well, he played for the Cleveland Indians for most of great career. In 18 season he batted a career .303, scored 1062 runs and recorded 1990 hits. In 1923 and 1924 he came in 6th and 3rd place in MVP voting, respectively. The Greek says,
"He could do more things and do them well, than any one I ever knew or played with. Look him up in the Baseball Encyclopedia. He was finishing up when I signed with Cleveland from college.... Charlie was always in good shape and had all the tools of a great outfielder."
I'm really starting to like these old letters.
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