Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Earl Mossor

Here is another letter written to Jim from former Dodger Earl Mosser. He would only play 3 games in the majors, but played 14 years of professional ball. Earl writes a great story about his first inning of pro ball.
Dear Jim,

I guess the one thing that I will always remember in my 14 years as a pro baseball pitcher is the time that I made the big jump from class "B" baseball to the big leagues in 1951 with the Dodgers. I walked into Ebbets Field on cloud "9", and about a month later I got into my first game as a big leaguer against the Card's with two men on base and one out. I was shaking like a leaf. I get the first man out on a pop up to the infield, and guess what?
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I had never even seen the guy before, let alone pitch against him, and there he was kicking a little dirt around in the batters box, Stan "The Man". Now I was shaking even more. I said to myself, I can't run in the dugout and hide. I have to pitch to him. I said there is a guy getting a $100,000 a year and me $10,000 and I am supposed to get him out? Ha. Anyway, I worked the count to 3-2 on him and threw him a big change curve and ducked. Ha. He missed it (by) about 2 feet so I struck him out, and I was about the happiest boy in the world. I struck out "The Man", and the first time I ever saw him.
Best of Luck Jim,
Earl Mossor
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