Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baseball Better Than Work

Call this a little bit of self promotion, but I wanted to point out a couple of vintage Baseball postcards that I am currently selling eBay that I thought were pretty cool. (BTW, I'm selling bunch of vintage cards right now. Check them out here.) I had originally gotten then several years ago in a large lot of memorabilia items and, only now, have gotten a opportunity to sell them online.

Both postcards feature Baseball as a central theme on the front, and have some very true statements written on the reverse.

The first card is a comic themed postcard, circa 1914, that perfectly encapsulates Baseball fandom.
"He wants his meals to be serv'd hot,
If not he'll start to scold,
Yet he sits for fourteen innings
And lets his meals get cold"
The best part is written on the reverse by the sender.
Bill writes,
"This is better than farming"
So true, so true.
Here is another postcard I'm selling that expresses a similar sentiment. On the front is old Yankee Stadium, circa 1949, but on the reverse is a longing to stay in New York watching Baseball.
"Yup, we wuz here. Having a grand time, better than carrying the mail"
This is only more proof that throughout American history, Baseball is better than most things- even warm food, producing food and work.

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