Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tommy Says It All

Tommy is in Philly and let's us know how he feels.
I hate the Phillie Phanatic.

It may have something to do with this.

YouTube Link: LADRLZ:

UPDATE: This comes directly from Tommy's blog.

I called the front office of the Phillies and told them how I felt. They can play with kids in the stands, but running over the dummy was simply wrong, and that kids would get the wrong impression. Apparently, they didn’t care.

The next time we were in Philadelphia, I confronted the Phanatic. I told it not to use my jersey anymore, and so the next time he did, I was forced to act. I went right up to it and body slammed it to the turf.

I often wondered how it got my jersey, and then I found out how. Steve Sax would give it the jerseys because my players thought it was a funny thing to do.

That is so great. Steve Sax is my new hero.


  1. I love the fanatic (and don't like Lasorda), but that one was a bit over the top. When did it happen?

  2. I know it was in August of 1988, but I don't have an exact date yet.


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