Tuesday, March 30, 2010

eBay: The Miracle Catch

A great event happened in Game 5 of the 1947 World Series for Dodger fans. Dodger outfielder, Al Gionfriddo, made a "miracle catch" of a sure game winning home run off the bat of Joe DiMaggio. It sailed 550 feet before being caught by the outstretched hand of Gionfriddo. Famously, this led Joltin' Joe, uncharacteristically, to kick up some dirt in frustration.

Dodger announcer Red Barber uttered these words:
"Belted (by Joe DiMaggio)! It's a long one, deep into left center. Back goes (Al) Gionfriddo, back, back, back, back... He makes a one-handed catch in front of the bullpen! Oooooh, doctor!"
Below is a news service photo found on eBay that celebrates this moment. It was originally taken by the Dodgers official photographer Barney Stein. It features Al Gionfriddo sitting on an outfield wall during spring training a few months later in the Dominican Republic. Symbolically, 550 is significantly displayed on the wall as a reminder of that incredible catch.

Attached to the back of this photo is the written caption for the pic from International News Photo. It is titled, "Rubbing Salt into DiMagg Wound."


  1. Bad News for Ebay Sellers.

    Today was the first day of free postings under 99 cents on ebay (up to 100 a month - up from 5).
    Yesterday there were 207,000 Topps cards listed for sale. Today there is 1.5 Million listings for Topps cards.

  2. For all you Dodgers fans out there, I just found the facebook fan page for long time Dodger great Tommy Lasorda! Become a fan and follow his feed here. Hopefully just like Lasorda did twice the Dodgers can bring home another title this year! Go Dodgers!



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