Friday, March 05, 2010

eBay: No Trash Here

For the nostalgic freak in us all, please check out this vintage 1988 official World Series Championship Dodgers waste basket. Imagine being a young kid as you lay on your bed listening to Vin Scully on the radio. You image the events unfold in your mind as you crumple pieces of paper into little balls and start shooting three-pointers into this basket. Jump shot- sky hook- the prayer off the side wall. Life was worry free back then. The Dodgers had just won their first World Series since '81 and finishing your homework was your only true worry. Heck, you worried more about whether Jay Howell could hold on for a save.

This 2 foot high trash can brings back some memories. It has the entire roster of that Cinderella team and brief rundowns of the teams playoff series victory. If it weren't for the shipping cost I'd be bidding on this right now so that I can briefly relive those days of yesteryear.

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