Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 In A Row!

It's amazing how quickly the tide can turn.

It was only a short few weeks ago when it seemed like the whole of Dodger nation was about to tear itself apart at the seems. We were in last place in the Western Division, had a pitching staff bordering on unwatchable and defense only a T-ball coach could appreciate.

Screams for Colletti's head and pitchforks aimed at Torre and Honeycutt could be read daily from blog to blog, message board to message board, and from water cooler to desk.

Unsurprisingly, as quickly as the naysayers gained steam the Dodger pitching staff regained their composure. Starting last Sunday the Dodgers have pulled off 7 great starts with 7 great relief appearances by the pen. Not only that, the Dodgers offense, one of the only bright spots in this young season, has not regressed. They continue to hit the cover off the ball.

As it stands tonight, the Dodgers are on a 7 game winning streak. They are only 2 games behind the division leaders and take the mantle as the hottest team in the league.

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