Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Kiosk: 5/16/2010

What is there to worry about? We got 6 wins in a row.
  • Night Owl Cards writes about Dodger stickers. I use to love these too.
  • Check out the Baseball Die-Hard Index, via Trolley Dodger. Although I agree with most of it, I do believe the Dodger Die-Hard numbers are a little light. After all, it's telling me that Houston Astros fans are more Die-Hard than us- NO WAY!
  • Reed Johnson has a blog called Reed Between the Lines.
  • Read what ballplayers have to say about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's batting stance. It's some fairly light-hearted stuff.
  • The real life "Field of Dreams" is for sale in Dyersville, Iowa. For $5.4Mil you could own the 193 acres that Ray Kinsella used to plow over for a Baseball field. This field was built by Universal Studios for use in the movie and has been maintained by the property owner ever since.
  • Frank and Son Collectible Show is still alive and kicking. I remember this weekly show from the mid-90's.
  • What a disaster. Incredible photos, as always, from
  • Lenny Dysktra is now selling stuff on Craigslist, via Sports Locker.
  • Star Trek: The LOST Generation.

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