Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This Is Just Wacky

The Onion couldn't have made something like this up. Bill Shaiken, of the LA Times, has a goofy story out this evening about the Dodgers, the McCourts and an energy healer.
Vladimir Shpunt, 71, lived most of his life in Russia. He has three degrees in physics and a letter of reference from a Nobel Prize winner.

He knows next to nothing about baseball.

Yet the Dodgers hired him to, well, think blue.

Frank and Jamie McCourt paid him to help the team win by sending positive energy over great distances.
Holy Crap! We have just become the laughing stock of the league.

The best part, though, is how they got scammed into continuing to pay him.
Cohen sent that e-mail during the final week of the 2005 season to reinforce Shpunt's value to the team. The Dodgers lost 91 games that season, their worst in 13 years.

"V believes without his help this team would have lost about 15 more games," Cohen wrote, adding: "It would be a giant error to take V off team."
This is classic.

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