Friday, August 20, 2010

eBay: Willard Mullin Art on Vintage Pocket Schedules

Willard Mullin was the king of sports editorial cartoons. He was like a muse, drawing the happenings of the day to enlighten and entertain the masses. Without him we wouldn't have the Brooklyn "Bum," and we would all have been worse off for it.

Other than the local papers, you could find his work on numerous other advertising vehicles throughout New York. Below is a collection of vintage pocket schedules that feature his drawings. Check them out and enjoy.
Here is the back of the 1951 pocket schedule.
(eBay Auction Link: 1951 schedule)

Here is a 1952 pocket schedule with the Dodger "Bum" and the Giant ballplayer duking it out.
(eBay Auction Link: 1952 schedule)

The 1953 pocket schedule.
(eBay Auction Link: 1953 schedule)

The 1954 pocket schedule. This one is a little bit too merry for my taste.
(eBay Auction Link: 1954 schedule)

This is probably the best one of all. The Brooklyn "Bum" shows off his new tattoo- "Woil' Champions."
(eBay Auction Link: 1956 schedule)

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