Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Legendary Auctions: Brooklyn Old Judge Cabinets

Legendary Auctions recently completed their most recent auction. It included the below two rare Old Judge cabinet cards featuring 19th Century Brooklyn players.

Both of the large sized (4 1/4" x 6 1/2") cards are from 1888-1889 and are referenced with the ACC number N173. They are photographs affixed onto a cardboard backing. These were produced by Old Judge Cigarettes and were attained by exchanging coupons inserted within packs of smokes.

Below, James "Hardie" Harderson shows off his wind-up. Hardie played 6 years of Major League ball; including two years with the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. It sold for a healthy $4,147.50. Photos on black colored backings are much scarcer than the typical yellow backings.
(Auction Link)

This Old Judge features two Bridegrooms; catcher Bob Clark tagging Mickey Hughes. Bob Clark was the backup catcher on the team. In 5 season in Brooklyn he batted .241. Mickey Hughes was an excellent starting pitcher for Brooklyn. He only played 3 Major League season, two of which for Brooklyn. His rookie year he went 25-13 with a ERA of 2.13. He also finished all 40 games he started- pitching a total of 363 innings. It sold for $3,555.00.

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