Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Won! I Won!

This ain't no lie. I never win anything. I've won a few items over the years playing McDonald's Monopoly, but that's nothing. If you eat there enough you are bound to win a small drink now and then.

Well, several weeks ago (maybe months) I came across a post on a collector blog (the name of which now escapes my memory- if you know who it was please let me know) writing about signing up for Upper Deck's "no purchase necessary" contests online. All you had to do was establish a free account and push a couple of buttons. It's easy and all collectors should do it right now! Go here to start.

Anyway, I entered on a whim and quickly forgot all about it- until yesterday afternoon.In the mailbox was a medium sized padded envelope from Carlsbad. Having not won an eBay auction recently I was not quite sure what it could be, and the sender location did not ring any immediate bells. So, I opened it and found the above letter and the below autographed insert card from the 2010 Upper Deck Soccer offering. Pretty cool, eh? I didn't expect much from entering this contest, but am very happy I had. Even though I have only a passing interest in the sport and know nothing about the player I received, Natasha Kai, I think I'll have to keep this in my collection. Heck, it's numbered 65 out of 100.

So, if you haven't already gone to the Upper Deck page go and do it know. They have 4 different contest running right now from their hockey sets. Here is the link again.

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