Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Auto Collection: Duke Snider HOF Heroes

Here is another autographed card from my collection. This is a 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings HOF heroes card of Duke Snider. It features both a signature and 2 pieces of a game-used uniform.


  1. An absolutely sick card, what an excellent PC item.

    Congrats Ernest!

  2. I really like these Donruss cards with the dark brown woody backgrounds with sepia photos. Very classy looking.

    The best part, though, was the price. If memory serves me right, I am pretty sure I paid under $20.00, including shipping.

  3. How much is it worth now?

    1. I'm really not sure, but I'd be surprised if it sold for much more than what I originally paid. Although Snider is a Hall of Famer and recently deceased his autograph cards are still very plentiful, and that has the consequence of keeping prices low. He was a frequent signer, and I suspect Topps (and other manufacturers) have a bevy of his signature on stickers waiting to place on future cards. I think $25 to $30, tops, is what it's probably worth on a good auction day.


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