Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 2/20/2011

  • Vin Scully will be broadcasting on Opening Day- from the radio booth. From a Dodgers press release.
    Vin Scully, who is entering an unprecedented 62nd season broadcasting Dodger baseball, will call six innings of the Dodgers’ home opener on TalkRadio 790 KABC on March 31. Scully will broadcast innings one through three and seven through nine, with Rick Monday and Charley Steiner handling the duties during innings four through six in typical postseason format. The Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants at 5:00 p.m. on Major League Baseball’s Opening Night on ESPN. (Photo Credit: Phil Bath/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)
  • Here is a great article regarding America's first black umpire in professional Baseball in 1885, via (Hat Tip: Baseball Musings)
  • Per Vin Scully is my Homeboy, Tommy Lasorda will be giving the 2011 commencement address at my alma mater Cal State Fullerton on May 21st.
  • Edgar gets Bill Walton's signature.

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