Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Writing Jim Murray About Dodger Stadium Bathrooms

A great little letter to LA Times reporter Jim Murray came to my attention just a little while ago. It was written in 1974 by legendary Hollywood director King Vidor. He was 80 years old at the time of this writing. In the letter he spends most of his time complaining about the sad state of affairs with the lower level bathrooms at Dodger Stadium. If he thought they were bad he shouldn't go the the top deck. It was found originally in a blog post at Letter of Note. (A big Hat Tip to Let's Go Dodgers blog) Go to the post to see the letter and full transcript of the letter. Below is an excerpt.
Jim, (and I feel that I deserve that first name calling privilege because we sat next to each other at an awards banquet a few years ago in Oceanside), do me the favor of visiting the men's room about Row 23, Lower Level, between innings, any game, and see if you are not as fired up by this disgrace as I am. Forget the impeachment of President Nixon. Instead, let's try to gain some sense of humanity for the suffering customers at Dodger Stadium.

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