Friday, April 01, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Special Guest Singer at Tonights Game

I don't quite know what to think of this, but here ya go. Here is an excerpt from a Dodger press release.
The Dodgers are pleased to announce a special pre-game engagement with rising pop star and internet sensation Rebecca Black. Dodgers fans going to tonights game will be serenaded to her hit tune, "Friday," as they enter the stadium, and will enjoy a special live sneak-peak preview of her yet-to-be-titled new single set to be released with her upcoming album, "Why I Like Saturdays Better."

As a special treat, fans will be given the opportunity to name the new song, as it is currently untitled. Fans can vocalize suggestions for a name to the song after Rebecca Black's live pre-game performance and through Twitter (@RBlackRules). In the 3rd inning, Black will also sit with Vin Scull in the press box to discuss her fast rising career, and hear suggestions from the Hall of Fame Broadcaster about a name for her soon-to-be "hit" single.
Oh Mercy!


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