Friday, April 01, 2011

Old Time Dodger Baseball Wins the Day

Was it me, or did it seem like the Dodgers of old took the field last night?

Our left handed starter, who is starting to resemble a former Dodger whose last name also starts with "K," was masterful. He was like an artist as he dipped in and out of the strike zone. Fastball. Curveball. Did I see that new slider I've been reading about? Clayton Kershaw is becoming that ace we all imagined. He went 7 strong innings that included 9 strike outs, 1 walk and just 4 meaningless hits.

Our offense, unfortunately, also looked like the Dodgers of old. They were able to squeak out 2 runs after squandering several opportunities. Aided by a walk, an error and an errant pick-off throw to third brought in our first score of the season. I have no doubt that this sequence of events made Wills and Lopes smile. Our next run was much of the same. Kemp walked, stole second and scored on Loney's hit thereafter.

At the end, our relief staff was able to keep the Giants at bay. Other than a brief scare with Broxton on the mound, I can't be disappointed with how the pitching staff performed last night.

Was this game a sign about the future? Have the Dodgers returned to the Dodgers way of playing Baseball? Will "small ball" will be a regular part of the Dodger machine this season?

I'm hoping for a resounding yes. A return to the past may be just what the doctor ordered.

Check out the box score from last nights game here.

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