Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daily Conlon: 10 through 18

Here is my second installment of the Daily Conlon. It features card number 10 to 18. I think my favorite one is of Hughie Jennings. He was a former Brooklyn Superbas player during their league championship pennants in 1899 and 1900. Jennings also well known for his hilarious theatrics as a third base coach for Detroit. From Wikipedia:
During his years as Detroit’s manager, Jennings became famous for his antics, mostly in the third base coaching box, which variously included shouts of “Ee-Yah,” and other whoops, whistles, horns, gyrations, jigs, and grass-plucking. The "Ee-Yah" whoop became his trademark and was accompanied with waves of both arms over his head and a sharp raising of his right knee. In 1907, he was suspended for taunting opponents with a tin whistle. The "Ee-Yah" shouts continued and became such a trademark that Jennings became known as Hughie "Ee-Yah" Jennings, and Detroit fans would shout "Ee-Yah" when Jennings would appear on the field.
At the very bottom is a pic of Jennings showing his distinctive hop. As always, click on any pic to enlarge.
(Pic Link: WikiCommons)

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