Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 7/22/2011

Weren't the 60's great! Above was a random photo provided by the Dodgers on twitter. From 1968, I would love to know exactly what is going here.
  • Aaron at Inside Dodgers Baseball has the full press release for Shawn Green's upcoming book signing event on August 3rd at the ESPN Zone at LA Live. And, yes, Green will sign 1 additional piece of memorabilia only for fans who have a copy of the book.
  • Night Owl Cards tells us a bit about the 1989 Smokey Dodger Greats set.
  • Do they now have the right guys? The LAPD have dropped charges against the first guy they arrested in the Byran Stow beating, and have arrested two other folks they believe were involved. Via LA Times. This is a classic case of why you shouldn't just assume that whoever they arrest must be guilty- no matter the subjects background.
  • In Dodger BK news, MLB says the TV contract McCourt
    "presented as the team's financial salvation would instead have crippled the club's ability to compete and saddled McCourt and his affiliated companies with close to $1 billion in debt.... Despite your pledge to make the Dodgers the 'best franchise in baseball,' you are not selling the club's media rights … to improve the club's on-field performance, renovate Dodger Stadium or enhance the fan experience," Selig wrote.
    Via LA Times.
  • Roberto at Vin Scully is My Homeboy tells us that then Dodger Championship banners are back at Dodger Stadium. WooHoo!
  • AEG says a downtown LA Baseball stadium would not work, via ESPN.
  • With this being Hall of Fame weekend, check out The Hall of Very Good's interview with Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson.
  • Check out a one-on-one afternoon with Magic Johnson on Saturday, July 30th at LMU.
    Earvin "Magic" Johnson recounts his favorite “Showtime” memories and discusses his current and future plans during a special one-on-one conversation with Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke. It’s your chance to hear his on-and-off-the-court stories and see the Hall of Famer up close and personal.

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