Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Conlon: #171 Chief Meyers- Ball Players were a Rowdy Bunch

Here are today's Daily Conlon card numbered #171 of former Brooklyn Robins catcher Chief Meyers. He chats a bit about how "Ballplayers Were a Rowdy Bunch" and how much the game has changed.
"In those days, of course, baseball was different than it is today. I don't mean as a game, although that was different, too. I mean it was not well thought of, like it is today. Ball players were considered a rowdy bunch. We weren't admitted to hotels, that is first-class hotels."
Just check out @OutHossRadbourn on twitter for a taste for how crass those guys got. On the game:
"Nowadays, the pitcher waste so much time out there it's ridiculous- fixing his cap... pulling up his pants... rubbing his chin... wiping his brow... pulling his nose... scratching the ground with his feet. And after he does all that he looks all around at the outfield, and then he st-a-a-a-res in at the catcher giving the sign. Why, he's afraid to throw the darned ball! And with this modern jackrabbit ball, I don't know as I blame him."

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