Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hunt Auctions: Tootsie's Dodger Collection

Within the confines of old Ebbets Field it wasn't unusual for the fans to build a close relationship with the ballplayers. Sometimes, they new them by name, like Hilda Chester, or heard them from the stands, like the Sym-Phony Band. Other times, a fan becomes so trusted they end up being your child's babysitter. That's what happened to young teenager Margaret Chandler.

Margaret was a born and raised Brooklynite who ventured to games during the golden era of Brooklyn Baseball. She would travel via the subway and would be sure to miss the trolleys as they passed. Eventually, she became a trusted babysitter for Dodger first baseman Ed Stevens and even earned a nickname from the team. Margaret was better known as "Tootsie" due to her Tootsie Pops gifts to players after home games.

What a charmed life she lived as a child as her connection to the team led to a treasure trove of goodies. At the recently completed All-Star Game in Phoenix, Hunt Auctions held their annual live auction at the All-Star FanFest that featured a small lot of memorabilia items from Ms. Chandlers collection. Below are just a couple of things that really stood out to me.

Here is a group of vintage Dodger snapshots taken by Tootsie. Many are autographed. There were 88 photos in the lot and I'd love to see the rest of them. It sold for $500.00.

This is definitely the prize of Margaret's collection. Here is a 1947 rookie year game used bat from Jackie Robinson. Along with the bat was a team signed get well card from the Dodgers to Tootsie. It sold for $85,000.00.

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