Saturday, July 09, 2011

Trolling Twitter for Dodger Pics- Protest & Attendance

As some of you know, today is the McCourt boycott at Dodger Stadium. It's a warm Saturday afternoon and it appears that some Dodger Blue fans are voicing their opinions with their feet, voices and wallets. Now, I ain't out there myself so I decided to run around twitter for a bit to see what may be shakin'. So without further adieu, here are some twitter pics from the happenings in and around Dodger Stadium.

Molly Knight of ESPN takes this pic of some of the protesters.
150+ Dodger fans protesting McCourt. Crowd chanting "Don't go in!" Horns honking in support.

Here is another pic of the protest crowd from @Truckn_Around.

Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts also captured some protestors.

Here's another from Jon. This time of his favorite protest sign.

Now here is the million dollar question. Is the protest having an effect on attendance today? Clearly, it is. Jon Weisman shows a crowd of less than 10,000 at the game.

Here are some more pics showing how empty the stadium is today.

(Pic Link: TwitPic Hilda Chester)

(Pic Link: Lockerz Josh)

(Pic Link: Lockerz Dana Vreede)

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