Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hake's: When Baseball and History Collide

Hake's just opened up their most recent auction and it includes this fantastic photograph of Babe Ruth, Connie Mack and 3 other gentleman. I show this photo not because of the obvious Hall of Fame connection, although you can't go wrong with these two baseball titans. I highlight this item because of the apparent connection to world history.

At the far left is Japanese publisher Matsutaro Shoriki who sponsored this Baseball tour in Japan. As the reverse of the press photo describes, Shoriko was eventually stabbed in the neck by Katsusuke Nagasaki who, as a member Of The War Like Gods Society, argued that the exhibition drained money from Japan during a depression. Dated from 1935 it is an obvious precursor to a war that eventually would embroil the entire world.

Hake's Auction has always had some great Baseball memorabilia so I'll point out some of my favorites; including some Dodger related stuff, over the next few days.

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