Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 11/30/2011

Here is another interesting 2011 Topps Triple Thread I recently ran into on eBay. It is a one-of-kind jumbo patch book card of our soon-to-be 50/50 man. It sold for what I thought was an unbelievable $224.50. (Auction Link)
  • It looks like Adam Kennedy will be in Blue for $800k on a 1 year contract, via MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Baseball America's top 10 Dodgers prospects, via @Dodgers tweet:
  • Listen to Don Newcombe speak about Matt Kemp on MLB Network Radio, here. Don talks about an open invitation from Willie Mays to Matt Kemp to talk about Baseball. Willie believes Kemp is a couple of steps from being one of the best center fielders ever.
  • Now, listen to Don Newcombe speak about Clayton Kershaw in the same interview, here.
  • 'Baseball Executives, players weight in on what makes a good owner,' via Mike DiGiovanna at the LA Times.
    "The bottom line is he put great players on the field, and he delivered championships," Cashman said. "He built something the fans can be proud of, and that's what a great owner does."
  • Former Dodger Bobby Valentine will be the new Red Sox coach, via Big League Stew.
  • The Murdoch's, the principle owners of the Fox Sports networks, appear to be in a little bit of trouble. On top of the phone hacking scandal there is word that they may also have hacked into computers of high level ministers in Northern Ireland containing sensitive intelligence information. One thing is certain, the Murdoch influence is waning in Europe and it's likely to spread to America. This may be the reason that MLB has been willing to turn its back on Fox while siding with McCourt in the sale of a future TV contract. Fox does not wield the kind of power they once had.
  • Larry King has now thrown his hat into the ring. He joins Dennis Gilbert's group. Via Tony Jackson at ESPN.
    The source said King's financial stake in the ownership group is comparatively small. The group's primary investors, the source said, are two high-ranking executives with Imperial Capital, a Los Angeles-based investment bank with offices in five other U.S. cities.
  • This is the best news I've heard all year. Well... Actually, it rivals the McCourt sale announcement in my mind. Fugazi will be releasing an archive of 800 live shows on a pay-what-you-want basis. Check it out here.
    The punk band’s loyal following will be thrilled to learn that the Fugazi Live Series, a massive archive of Fugazi shows spanning from 1987 to 2003, will launch to the public on December 1st.
In celebration, listen to them play live.

Video Link:

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