Thursday, November 03, 2011

SCP Auction: Dodgers WS Tropies and a Hollywood Stars Jersey

SCP is currently running a major auction that includes memorabilia directly from Julius "Dr. J" Erving. So, if your a big basketball fan I suggest checking them out.

On the Dodger front are a couple of great trophies any Dodger fan would love to get their hands on. They once belonged to Harry M. Bardt.
Harry M. Bardt was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers Board of Directors, beginning in 1967 and also served as the Dodger's treasurer from 1975 to 1980. He began his career with Bank of America in 1928 and as executive vice president he was instrumental in launching BankAmericard in the 1950's.
Below is his 1981 World Series trophy commemorating the Dodgers championship win over the Yankees.

This is Bardt's 1988 World Series trophy.

This is probably the coolest of all vintage southland area jersey's. Here is a 1941 Hollywood Stars jersey once worn by Hiram G. Bithorn. Bithorn is Puerto Rico's most famous player.
This 1941 Hollywood Stars jersey, from one of Puerto Rico's most revered players, is the only one known to exist in the hobby to date. The jersey is unaltered and has a Wilson tag in the collar with a size 44 tag...Tragically Bithorn would be killed at the early age of 35 on New Years day in 1952. The people of Puerto Rico honored him in 1962 by having the country's largest baseball stadium named after him - Estadio Hiram Bithorn.

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