Friday, December 02, 2011

Lelands: The Sal LaRocca Collection

This is the second go around for the sale of items from Sal LaRocca's incredible Dodgers collection. It was previously featured in a Chattanooga Lookouts (the Dodgers AA club) video here. Back in June of this year, Lelands sold a part of his collection that I featured in a couple of post here and here. This time, Lelands has some memorabilia and a bunch of vintage Dodgers cards. Go here to see them all. Below I feature just a handful of things.

Here is a amazing collection of 28 vintage Brooklyn Dodgers pennants. This lot is a great way to start a collection of these.

Leo 'The Lip' Durocher once wore this cold weather Dodgers jacket. It is from the 1940's.

Below is a flip book within a Brooklyn Dodgers oddball lot of 37 cards. Most notable to my eye is this Van Lingle Mungo 1937 Goudey Thum Movies flip book encapsulated and graded by GAI.

I love these old books. Being able to take your thumb and view a vintage movie is a gas. There is nothing like it. For a peek at one, check out my previous post about a 1950 Jackie Robinson flip book in my collection, here. I don't like that this book has been enclosed in plastic. You can never truly enjoy it. Considering its condition it would probably be better of if someone cracked it open to experience it the way you're suppose to.

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