Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Praise Across the Board on Twitter

I think last nights announcement that the Guggenheim/Stan Kasten/Magic Johnson group has been chosen as the winning buyers for the Dodgers was welcomed with relief and joy. Details aside (a JV partnership I'm not entirely comfortable with), having Magic as the face of the organization and Stan Kasten at the helm provides a certain sense that the right guys won.

That being said, I wondered what folks were saying on twitter. There were the obvious expressions of congratulations (@ShawnGreen15) (@SteveNash). The Magic play on words was everywhere (@Alyssa_Milano). Soon, folks were more hopeful of a brighter future (@TommyLasorda). Heck, Dee Gordon demands that it's now time for the Dodgers to shock the Baseball world (@Skinnyswag).

Of course, there were many more responses to go through. Check out some of my favorites below. Be sure to see the last one- could he be a potential bat off the bench?
  • Matt Kemp expresses his approval of the new owner on twitter. With Stan Kasten
  • So does Javy Guerra. Who then blames his spelling mistake on auto-correct, here.
  • Steve Lyon's response on twitter was short and sweet- either that or he was left practically speechless.
  • Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo does what he does best. He shares "Something Historical" of the future owner while saying, "Congratulations!"
  • And the best tweet of all comes from an unlikely source- Jose Canseco.

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