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Blog Kiosk: 3/28/2012

I like the way this looks, pic via twitter @DesertDoyer.
  • Now that we have a owner picked it's now time to consider who might be available as 2013 free agents, via JP Breen at Fangraphs. Peter Gammons suggest that there are five 2013 free agents who could benefit from this sale, via @pgammo on twitter.
  • Jon Weisman's story about Magic's new cable channel is worth a second read.
  • Big League Stew has 10 thoughts about Magic and the Dodgers.
    10. Finally, it sounds weird to say, but Magic's group has a ways to go before they even replicate the success that the McCourt era experienced. Though the franchise was steered into a financial tailspin, it also somehow won three NL West titles, a NL wild card and made back-to-back trips to the NLCS.
  • This is just a wrinkle and is not expected to be a roadbloack, via @JonHeyman on twitter.
  • Maury Brown at Baseball Prospectus throws in his 2 cents on the Dodgers sale to Magic's group. I've read some reports indicating it's a "All Cash" sale. I don't believe this at all. Maury appears to understand the same thing.

    However, there certainly will be debt. How could there not be? Steven Cohen, who was seen as a strong contender to win the right to close the sale, reportedly had the highest amount of cash equity in his offer at $900 million. If the Magic/Kasten group had had that same amount of cash in play, there would still have been $1.25 billion to fund.

    That’s where Guggenheim Partners comes in. They will be the major investment wing of the group, which explains why Walter will be the controlling owner.

  • Bleacher Report takes a look at the 50 ugliest Baseball card photos ever.
  • The Honus Wagner of golf collectibles is about to hit the market- it's a 1934 Masters Badge, via Tom Bartsch at Sports Collectors Daily.
  • This is probably more interesting to the collector, but Keith Olbermann received the “Friend of the Card Stores” award last week at the Topps dealer seminar and had some encouraging words for what CBS recently said was a dying industry. Check it out below. Olbermann gets it right when he mentions the thrill a collector gets when they walk into a card shop or get a card package in the mail. It is that feeling that keeps the hobby alive. (Hat Tip: Beckett)

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