Monday, April 30, 2012

REA: Some Dick Perez Originals

The most anticipated sports memorabilia auction is now under way, and I plan on posting extensively on it.  It is filled with so much Baseball goodness, I just can't flip through the catalog without sharing some of the beauties within it. 

This weekend I picked up my Robert Edwards Auction (REA) catalog and will start off my posting by highlighting the works of sports artist Dick Perez. As many card collectors will recall, Perez's artwork has been associated with Baseball cards since the early days of Donruss. Along with his partners (Frank & Peggy Steele) they produced paintings of current players of the time that would be reproduced and inserted in to packs of cards.  On top of that, they produced a limited postcard set that is still highly sough after in the hobby. 

Below are two separate auctions of original paintings done by Perez.  These paintings were produced for his recently book titled, "The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball's Best," and feature some of the more important figures in Baseball history.  In all, nearly 200 original Perez paintings are in this auction.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

The below grouping is part of a 17 painting lot focused on "Baseball Origins" from 1869 to 1900. 

This grouping is especially related to the Dodgers.  The 14 painting lot focuses on the "War and Post War Years- 1941-1957." As you might expect, several Dodgers are represented.

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