Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Topps Archives- Dodgers Autographs & Relics

Following up on my two previous post (here & here) on the Dodgers cards within 2012 Topps Archives set, today I bring to you the Dodgers autographs and relic cards.  What excited collectors most about the re-release are the Fan-Favorite Autographed cards.  Many unsung heroes (and some superstars, of course) would be featured that would remind many fans why they love the game.  For instance, Cardinal player Jose Oquendo has 9 different autographed cards.  At first I didn't understand why, but bdj610 keenly tells us the reason.  Oquendo played all 9 positions on the field in 1988- the card design used for all of his autographs.

Anyway, only three Dodgers are available.  Unfortunately, the Sandy Koufax Fan Favorite autographed card is a redemption card, so a picture of it is not available.  Also, there are mini autographed cards of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw that use the 1983 Topps design, but I have yet to see any.  The Kemp is a redemption card, and Kershaw has yet to be found.

All-Time Fan Favorite Autographs

FFA-BRB Brett Butler

FFA-MW Maury Wills

1956 Topps Relics Insert

56R-AE Andre Ethier

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