Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 5/30/2012

Go Kings Go!!!!!
  • I love the irony of this news.  Via Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times we find out that the law firm that represented McCourt in his BK has just filed for BK themselves. Then Bill Shaikin notes that the, "McCourt Management of Dodgers Under Grand Jury Investigation."  Wha????  News related to McCourt and the Dodgers just doesn't want to go away.
  • Orel at the Sons of Steve Garvey notes how much Dodger fans love to spell.  Then DelinO at SOSG follows that up by telling us where Dodger fandom could progress towards.  The latter is not a pretty sight.
  • Bob Lemke has a couple of great post up reminding us of the various color barriers that were still left to cross by 1952.  Part 1Part 2.  Jackie Robinson is prominent in both blog entries.
  • True to the Blue has a recap and photos from the recent signing at Frank & Sons with Guerra, Jansen and De La Rosa.
  • Jerry Crasnick at ESPN notes on twitter that the Dodgers expect Lilly to miss only 2 to 3 starts.
  • On the heals of the Dodgers sale and the ongoing sale of the Padres comes news that the LA Kings might be available for the right price, via FoxSports.  (Hat Tip: Bill Perkins)
Philip Anschutz-controlled AEG Corporation, which owns the Kings and the Kings' home arena Staples Center, and its CEO Tim Leiweke, have started marketing the team by directly calling suitors, a source told the New York Post.

A few years ago, the Kings first put themselves up for sale seeking more than $200 million, but now likely will accept less, the source said.

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