Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Kings Go!!!!

Game tonight, baby!  The Kings and Coyotes go at it again in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.  The Kings are up 2 games to 0, and have absolutely dominated the team from Phoenix.  Will that continue tonight?  I certainly hope so.  Heck, if I were a boasting man I would say that we got this in the bag.  After Tuesday nights game the Coyotes looked downright demoralized.  They came off the ice a downtrodden group of players, and it'll take an effort of monumental proportions for them to eke out a win this evening.  For the Kings, all they have to do is play their game.  As Coach Sutter is wont to say, the Kings just have to get better from game to game, and so far they have done just that throughout this playoffs.

For your enjoyment check out the video below to get your blood boiling and soul properly prepared for Playoff Hockey.

Video Link:

What is the coolest thing to look out for from tonight's game?  Well, if you're reading twitter be sure to check out @NHL.  This is the leagues official twitter account, and none other than our favorite fan Alyssa Milano will be manning the account throughout the game. She is a rabid Kings fan, so I suspect (I hope) it's filled will Kingscentric tweets.
(Twitter Link)

Here's another great video.

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