Tuesday, May 08, 2012

REA: Some Dodgers Rarities

Following up my post from last week featuring the artwork of Dick Perez, here are some Dodgers collectibles I saw in the current REA Auction that I thought were notable. 

This is one classy looking ticket stub.  It is from the first game at Ebbets Field from the 1916 World Series that showcased the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Boston Red Sox. 
This ticket commemorates the very first World Series game ever played at Ebbets Field and also the first World Series win in franchise history. Brooklyn fans would have to savor it, for it was the team's only victory in the Series that year. Jack Coombs defeated Carl Mays 4-3 in front of 21,087 fans, which was the smallest attendance figure of the Series.
With an opening bid of $400.00, it has already jumped to $1,300.00 with 4 days to go.

I can never say no to putting up an original Willard Mullin drawing of the Brooklyn Bum.  From the auction description:
Originally published in the July 8, 1946, issue of the New York World-Telegram, the artwork pictures the iconic "Brooklyn Bum" singing a fanciful tune about heading to that baseball heaven known as the "Big Rock Candy Mountain" (more commonly known as the World Series).
There is also a unique inscription on the bottom.  Again, from the auction description:
"To Th' Best Tenant I Ever Hopet' Have - Uncle Karl." Although there is no additional documentation accompanying the piece, we strongly believe the "Uncle Karl" referenced here is famed cartoonist Karl Hubenthal, who was Mullin's protégé and lifelong friend.
Click on the pic to embiggen.

This is a very scarce 1897 large sized Cameo Pepsin Gum pin featuring the Brooklyn Base Ball Club.  They were affectionately called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms then.

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