Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dodgers Open Workout - Christian Signs Dee's Cast

This past Thursday, during the All-Star game break, the Dodgers held a open workout for season ticket holders.  It was a early evening affair as the entire team came out onto the field for practice.  As you can see, there were plenty of Dodgers fans there.

The above pic comes from Reddit.  The original poster, Frustrate (what an apt name for a Dodger fan), describes the scene as awkward "backwards flail running".  Then, Frustrate follows up by saying,
"Ya, they all came over at different times to sign. Kasten spoke for a while, as did Mattingly, and we booed a cameraman from KTTV who wore a Giants hat. All around good time."

Sounds like a great time.  Even with the weather being unusual, I'm sure everyone in attendance doesn't regret going. 

Below are more pics of the event passed along by Blue Heaven reader Cathy.  She is Christian's Mother who I had previously featured in a story a month ago.  (See that post here.)

Above, Don Mattingly speaks to the fans on hand.  Below, several Dodger players congregate in the dugout before stepping on the field.

Best yet, Christian ran into Dee Gordon.  As you know, Dee recently had surgery, so he was sporting a new cast in need of some decorating.  Naturally, a precocious tyke like Christian was more than happy to help.   He gave Dee Gordon his John Hancock.

How cool is that!

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