Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gangnam Style at Dodger Stadium? What the Heck?

I will be perfectly frank.  I had no idea what Gangnam Style was, and I suddenly find my "out of the loop" position a little disconcerting.

It use to be that I was a hip dude.  I knew about what was coming up and what the trends where.  Of course, that was 20 years ago.  Ya see, I just turned 40 a month ago, and I'm only now grasping at the reality that I AM AN OLD GUY.

So, in hopes of gaining some cred I'm writing this little ditty in hopes of discovering the fountain of youth. 

Gangnam Style is (according to Know Your Meme) a song performed by Korean pop star JSY, and he has gone viral.  According to reddit (who I owe thanks for introducing me to all of this) his strangely weird and funny dance has taken the world by storm, and I don't quite know if the world is better off for it.

All I do know is that the guy sitting at JSY's right in the photo below from last nights game does not look impressed.  He's downright miserable. 
(pic via: A Korean website)

Here is a video posted Jongeon777kim on youtube from last nights game.  The crowd goes wild when they play JSY's song and goes even wilder when he does his dance.

Video Link:

BTW, here is the video that has been driving the world mad.

Video Link:

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