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2012 Topps Triple Threads- Some Dodgers Relics and Auto's

As I had promised the other day, I would feature as many of the Dodger autoraphed/relic cards from the set that I could find.  Here is the first of several postings I will be putting together.  Below, I feature a general selection of cards from the set.  In future post I will focus on several individual players that have a bunch of different variations available.

First up are a couple of Relic Combo Books with Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw.

TTRDC-5 Ryan - Seaver - Jenkins - Spahn - Koufax - Carlton

TTRDC-3 Verlander - Sabathia - Darvish - Halladay - Kershaw - Lincecum

Below is a Triple Threads Relic Combo card featuring Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw.  Of the 63 different combo cards available this is the only one with multiple Dodgers on it.  There are a handful of other combo cards with just one Dodger on it, so I will have those up in a future post when I feature that individual player (Kemp and Kershaw).

TTRC-14 Matt Kemp - Andre Ethier - Clayton Kershaw

There are two former Dodgers featured on the Triple Threads Legends Relics.  They are Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson.  As always, all of the relic cards in the set have numerous parallels with varying print runs.  The Koufax below is a "emerald" parallel numbered to 18.  The Jackie Robinson below is a "gold" parallel numbered to 9.

TTRL-12 Sandy Koufax - Dodgers

TTRL-13 Jackie Robinson - Dodgers

I do like these All Star Patch cards.  The Kershaw below is a "1 of 1" ruby parallel card.  The base model version is numbered to 9.

TTASP-33 Matt Kemp - Dodgers

TTASP-40 Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers

TTASP-50 Andre Ethier - Dodgers

This card kind of confuses me.  It is a Rookie & Future Phenom autographed relic card that is numbered like it is a part of the regular base set.  The Jerry Sands card below is #140.  There is also a Dee Gordon card that is #105, but appears to be only available through a redemption card.  I believe all of these cards are suppose to be on-card signed.

140 Jerry Sands - Dodgers

Below is a Triple Auto Relic card that has Dee Gordon in the middle, between Starlin Castro and Elvis Andrus.  This is a sticker autograph, so no redemption card needed. 

TTARC-14 Starlin Castro - Dee Gordon - Elvis Andrus

TTARC-17 Clayton Kersahw - Matt Kemp - Dee Gordon

Now here is what the Triple Threads set is known for.  Below are the Dee Gordon Triple Threads Relics with various written phrases.  All players available have three different versions available.  I will have a post on the other Dodgers in the set in future postings.

TTR-118 Dee Gordon - Dodgers

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