Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Topps Triple Threads- The Vets: Garvey, Koufax, Wills & Snider

Continuing on my quest to feature every Dodgers card within this years Triple Threads set, I bring to you some autographed relics cards of some veterans. 

Below is a Jumbo Plus Autographed Relic book card of Steve Garvey.  To see other cards I've already written about from this set go here, here, here and here.

TTLPAR-14 Steve Garvey - Dodgers

The next grouping of cards are all Autographed Relics of several Dodger veterans.  There are anywhere between 1 to 5 different versions of each player, so there is a possibility that I might have missed one.  I believe, though, that I've nailed down every variation out there.  Steve Garvey has 5 differed Autographed Relic cards. More common parallels of this card have been selling from $35 to $55 each, while "1 of 1" variations have been selling for hundreds.  For Instance, the "Dodgers Great" card is a "1 of 1" White Whale variation that recently sold for $126.27 on eBay. 

TTAR-4 Steve Garvey - Dodgers

Here is the prize of the bunch.  This is the only Koufax version I am aware of.

TTAR-142 Sandy Koufax - Dodgers

Maury Will has at least 3 different variations.

TTAR-211 Maury Wills - Dodgers

I love the fact that they can still make Duke Snider autographed cards.  I bet Topps has a whole bunch of his sticker autographs sitting around in their warehouse.

TTAR-274 Duke Snider - Dodgers

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