Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collection: Vintage T202 Superbas (Dodgers) - Scanlon, Dahlen, Daubert & Hummel

With winter here, I though it was time to scan and share some more Dodger cards from my collection.

As I was looking through my binders I came across a small grouping of vintage T202 Dodgers cards, and was surprised when I looked that I had yet to share them on this blog.So, here they are.

I love these old vintage tobacco cards.  They have a great look and feel to them.  They harken back to the days when Baseball was played in the afternoon and watching a game from afar meant standing on a street corner as a giant scoreboard displayed the days results.

As Ty Cobb would say, Baseball was a war back then, and the ballplayers were the soldiers. Heck, check out the action B&W photos in center of the two cards above.  Those infielders are covering the bag like they're the catcher.  They are ready to put their shoulder into the runner.

The T202 set was produced in 1912 and are commonly known as Hassan Triple Folders.  The two end cards can fold over the B&W center panel like a little booklet. It measures 5 1/4" wide and 2 1/4" tall.

The top card above features Doc Scanlan and Bill Dahlen on the edges.  While Yankees infielder Roy Hartzell is at the center trying to make a play on the runner - "Hartzell Covering Third".  The bottom card shows Jake Daubert and John Hummel on the edges.  Birdie Cree of the Yankees is in the B&W center photo scoring at home - "Cree Rolls Home".

Below is a look at the reverse of the cards.  As you can see, there are player biographies, as well as, an advertisement for Hassan cork tip cigarettes.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

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