Friday, October 05, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 10/5/2012

Ya know, this photo doesn't make me feel better about the off-season.  The above photo tweeted by @Dodgers features Vin Scully and Duke Snider taking in a round of golf.
  • Best tweet ever!  From AJ Ellis.  BTW, if you haven't seen his card yet, go here.
"What I don't think people got about that trade is we wouldn't just throw money away to make the team slightly better. It's gotta make sense," he said.

"I feel like the people we got are people we should be able to count on as a core group of players for a long time. We got a good young first baseman who happens to be about the same age as the guy in right field, and shortstop, and center field."
But I’ll never say anything bad about Vin Scully, especially after what I saw Wednesday. Scully walked over to the Giants clubhouse in the afternoon to congratulate Bruce Bochy and wish him luck in the postseason. Bochy was on the phone and Scully, a legend, waited patiently in a corner as a few coaches came over to shake his hand. He left before getting a chance to talk to Bochy, but made sure to stop by and leave a message with one of the coaches.

“Please congratulate him, and tell him that I wish you guys the best of luck in the postseason,” Scully said.

That’s some serious class.
  • Check out Mike Petriello's Dodgers Fan Guide to the Playoffs.  Then, check out his piece at RotoGraphs about why Andre Ethier didn't live up to expectations.
  • This is probably the most irrelevant piece of Dodger news to come out the past few days.  The Dodgers completed their trade with the Red Sox by sending Rubby De La Rosa and Jerry Sands to Boston, via a Dodgers press release.
  • Now with the 2012 season over it is time to show your Dodger Blue support by voting for Clayton Kershaw.  Go here.
  • I want to hate Sergio Romo right now (after all, he's a Giant), but I just can't.  Via Reddit, Romo earned the respect of many Dodger fans with a gesture towards a child battling cancer.

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