Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Topps Five Star Baseball- Dodgers Inserts Cards

Here are some of the Dodgers insert cards in the 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball set.  As has been the norm, all of the Matt Kemp autographs are attained via a redemption card, so I've got nothing to show you.  Will somebody please tell Kemp to get in gear and start doing some signings for Topps.  I know of several rabid Dodger collectors who are tired of waiting for their cards to arrive.  Heck, I don't think he has yet to sign any 2012 Topps cards, or at least none of them have been delivered to collectors yet.

Anyway, check out the Dodgers cards below.  I don't know if you can see it so well, but there is a fair amount of chipping on the edges of a lot of cards.  That is a major problem; especially considering a box cost over $400 for one pack of 5 cards.  Also, I do not have all of the Dodgers cards available to show below since there are just too many to gather.  I've got most of the autographed cards featured below, but not all of the relic or patch cards.

Five Star Active Player Autographs
#FSA-AE Andre Ethier

#FSA-CK Clayton Kershaw #/150

Five Star Retired Player Autographs
FSA-MW Maury Wills

FSA-SK Sandy Koufax

Five Star Silver Ink Autographs (numbered to 99 or less) or Gold Ink Autographs (numbered to 10 or less)
#FSSI-AE Andre Ethier

 #FSSI-CK Clayton Kershaw

 #FSSI-MW Maury Wills

 #FSSI-SK Sandy Koufax

Five Star Autograph Relics
#FSAR-AE Andre Ethier

 #FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

Five Star Autograph Patch card (numbered only to 5)
#FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

Five Star Jumbo relic Book
#AJRB-SK Sandy Koufax - Los Angeles Dodgers

Five Star Jumbo Relics
#JJR-AE Andre Ethier #/92

#JJR-CK Clayton Kershaw #/92

#JJR-MK Matt Kemp

UPDATE:  Below are pics of various Matt Kemp autographed cards.  They have finally been delivered.

#FSA-MK Matt Kemp

#FSSI-MK Matt Kemp

#FSAR-MK Matt Kemp

#FSBDAP-BK Matt Kemp / Ryan Braun

#FSBQ-8 Kemp / Kershaw / Darvish / Hamilton 

#FSBDA-KK Kemp / Kershaw

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