Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Collection: Steve Sax Etched In Time Autographed Card

Steve Sax will always be known for an ailment that hampered his defensive abilities.  In 1983, he suddenly and inexplicably lost the ability to accurately throw to 1st base from his position at 2nd base.  His loss of basic throwing mechanics would soon be called "Steve Sax Syndrome", and it would result in Dodgers fans wearing batting helmets along the right field line. 

Heck, even the defensively challenged Pedro Guerrero, who would move to 3rd base that year, would comment:
"I hope they don't hit it to me,"
Immediately followed by:
"I hope they don't hit it to Sax."

Featured here is a 2004 Upper Deck "Etched in Time" autographed card of Steve Sax in my collection.

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  1. Cool card. I really liked that set when it first came out.


  2. Nice collection of cards. My dad loves to have that one too.


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