Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dodgers to Sign Zach Grienke! See His First Dodgers Baseball Card!

Be still, my beating heart.

The pitcher of my winter free agent obsession has been widely reported to be in the Dodgers sights.  They've got him locked and loaded, and short of something unbelievable Zach Grienke should be an official member of the Blue Crew very soon.

I hope I'm not jumping the gun here, but I had to make the above fantasy card of Zach in Dodger Blue.  I took a team photograph of Grienke when he was a member of the Royals and photoshopped a Dodgers logo on his cap.  Then, I used the 1987 Topps Baseball card set design to make the card.  If I may say so myself, that card looks good, and Zach Grienke look even better in Dodger Blue.

Actually, I made the card a week ago when rumors where swirling that the Dodgers where the top dog.  Then, Texas came into the picture to seemingly take away any hope that we would land the enigmatic ace, so I put it away thinking that I had jinxed things.  (As an emotional Dodger fan I often irrationally believe that my actions actually affect the Dodgers.  I know... crazy, right?)

Anyway, Jason Stark provided some insight at ESPN into the recent rumors and confirmed speculation that the Dodgers have won out on the sweepstakes.  See the video below.

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